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STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)  -  A Star Trek Online Armada.
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Dear Star Trek Online Gamer,

Our Mission:

STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada) is a Star Trek Online gaming armada and community. It was established on April 28th, 2013. Our mission and goal was to create a fun and friendly gaming community for both new and veteran players, and that's exactly what we have accomplished. We started this armada with one key central idea in mind: that every member, whether their rank be high or low, have a voice on armada business and that their voice be heard and acknowledged. That's why, along with a fair and highly structured ranking system, we proudly boast a voting system for major armada amendments, regulations, activities, and events including major armada holding projects. We believe that the armada belongs to all its members not just the top few or the "in-crowd". Our ranking system is based on contributions and activity levels to the armada both in-game and on our online community. There is plenty of room for advancement for those that seek it. Nevertheless, we also welcome "solo" players that want the benefits of an armada without having to commit a lot of time, effort, contributions, or having to pass all kinds of online gaming tests or roll-calls.

We are laid-back and respectful players. We do not judge anyone based on race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, economic status, political and religious beliefs, or your gaming style (so long as it doesn't impede with anyone else's). We won't berate and yell at you if you have to leave an STF or Fleet Action in the middle of the mission because the family or real-life come calling; we understand we have those too. If you want to learn the game, this is a great armada to be in. If you want to teach new players the in's and out's of the game, this is a great armada to be in. If you simply are looking for a group of friends that share similar interests, this is a great armada to be in. We have members from all over the world; from across the U.S.A. to across parts of Europe so there is bound to be someone online on our website or in-game with whom to interact with. In fact we have high ranking positions that are filled by players in the United States as well as across Europe.

We offer opportunities and activities for both the casual and hard-core gamer alike. Everyone is welcome and we offer PvE in STF's and Fleet Actions, as well as PvP events, and even some light RP. Again, we are also happy to house the "solo" player that just likes to play the episodes or foundry missions or just grind with their character. We sport an active website with forums, galleries, chat, and much more including voice chat to communicate with each other within the game. Feel free to have a look around and make yourself at home. There is something here for everyone and we hope you join our Star Trek Online family community and we hope even more that you decide to join our armada. Should you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me directly at once again thank you for visiting us. Take care.

Best Regards,
Liberty Task Force Fleet Admiral
STOFA Member Fleet