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Liberty Task Force Forum

Rep Tier VI - to alt or not to alt...

1 reply
[F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.
Fleet Admiral
Diplomatic Corps
so...I already completed tier 6 reps on my main a long time ago and started doing the same extremely boring job for my Klingon alt now by getting marks from Epohhs
- "don't you want an Epohh friend?" 👻

My question it worth getting alts to tier 6? Or is it too much work for nothing? 🤔🙄 😒

what did you guys do? :confused:
Fleet Admiral George Goodman
Class: Engineering, currently assigned as
Captain of the U.S.S. Nightfall
Scotty: I'm s... Wha... It... Are you from the future?
James T. Kirk: Yeah, he is. I'm not.
Scotty: Well, that's brilliant. Do they still have sandwiches there?
Posted Jan 3, 19 · OP
[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.
Diplomatic Corps
Why yes I would love to have an epohh friend.

If you want the rank 2 traits for your alts then yes. If you are a completionist then yes. If you enjoy pain, then yes.

Personally I'm currently picking and choosing for my alts. I need the terran task force phasers for one so that alt need to reach T6 in that rep. I may eventually complete all the reps on a few of my alts but i don't think its worth burning myself out. Unless they decide to add a fat dil reward for completing them
Posted Jan 3, 19
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