2015 March - Member of the Month is GeorgeDp. Let's read a little about him and get to know him better.
NOTE: George was extremely kind and re-donated the 1,000,000 EC back to the Fleet Bank for other members! Thank you!

*Edit: Made some little updates...


1. How long have you been playing Star Trek Online?
I started playing Star Trek Online in February but I would have started it much earlier if I knew about it! :)

2. Why did you originally start playing Star Trek Online?
I found some videos on YouTube and it looked very similar to a game I used to play a lot, Star Trek Fleet Command and to my all time favorite, Freelancer so I thought of giving it a try and haven't regret it...

3. Do you play any other games besides Star Trek Online?
Only couple of browser based games, but not spending much time on them since I started STO... Don't play other MMOs either cause they give me headaches... :sick: :p

4. Any other hobbies outside of Star Trek Online you’d like to share with us?
Not really have much time to spent on hobbies right now, except maybe watching movies (especially after my 2 sons came...)

5. When did you join Liberty Task Force and what attracted you to us? What keeps you here now?
I joined in June, after a small "tour" in 2-3 fleets (the ones that said casual and no TS required) cause I wanted to find the "right one" since STO is my first MMO and didn't know much about fleets and guilds and stuff like that...
I liked what the thread in STO Forum was saying about LTF and seemed close to what I was looking for, casual, organized but also laid back and also liked some of the stuff it said like: "..the fleet belongs to all its members not just the top few or the in-crowd", "..or having to pass all kinds of online gaming tests or roll-calls", "We won't berate and yell at you if you have to leave an STF or Fleet Action in the middle of the mission because the family or real-life come calling", members from all over the world, for both the casual and hard-core gamer alike. (And all of them are true and valid till today ;-) )
Second your website...nicely build, practical and nice looking...
Third the fact that the Fleet had just started a few month prior; so everyone would be new to the fleet like I would be :)

What keeps me now is easy to know if you spend some time watching chat and forum...
We have some of the nicer guys and girls of the game! (and i'm not just being polite...)
You can do anything...talk about game, talk about real life, talk just...nonsense and fool around..., play with team, play alone, ask for advice...anything!
Only bad thing is that there isn't much time to contribute to projects cause everyone is so open-handed that everything fills up in no time! :p

6. How many characters do you have on Star Trek Online?
Three and probably will stay that way for some time cause i barely found time to play all of them... (Delta recruitment will probably add a 4th one I guess... :) )

7. What are their names? (If you have more than one, which is your favorite and why?)
George Goodman - Federation Engineering Officer (Human)
Ba'rok (not bar rock...:p) - Klingon Tactical (Klingon)
Rey - Federation Science officer (Alien)
My favorite toon is the Fed engineering, i like to be able to fix things and not die too often....


8. How many ships do you currently have?
too many to remember them all... :roll:

9. What are your ships names? (If you have more than one, which is your favorite and why?)
I have one main ship on each toon,
my engi now flies the USS Nightfall - Eclipse Intel Cruiser... It has a nice balance between staying alive and killing stuff...
my kling flies the IKS TlhIngan Batlh (Klingon Honor.. ) That one achieved my DPS record, 31,6k :)
my sci flies the USS Snowmobile now, the Breen Carrier from winter event with the Breen Frigates...not a bad ship...


10. What activities do you like best or what is your favorite thing to do on Star Trek Online and why?
I like the space part of the game, the PvE, the story episodes, even the griding, the ship building etc.. I dont like ground missions much and PvP

11. What is your long-term goal for Star Trek Online?
Not really have a long term goal, just get better I suppose, make my ship better, take better Doffs, explore more...
Not so long-term will probably be the new toon for Delta Recruitment event, probably a KDF aligned Romulan... (yes...I ll make a Romulan! :p :d )

12. What is your favorite Star Trek series or movie?
Hmm, difficult to choose, i would say, TNG cause I grow up with it, but I also liked DS9 and Voyager. Enterprize wasn't that bad either but not as good as the others.
From movies I would say First Contact, The Voyage Home, and also the new ones even though this change of the story line is bit annoying actually...

13. Who is your favorite Star Trek character and why?
That's a really hard one...I like many of the characters each for a reason, if I would have to choose I would pick one of Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Worf, Kirk, Spock, Geordi La Forge, Odo, Garak, Rom, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Chakotay, The Doctor, Phlox...and I won't even start with the ladies...( :roll: )
I would need 10 pages to explain the reasons so i ll leave it as it is... :d


14. On a scale of 1-10 how high on the Star Trek Geekdom Meter are you?
I would say a 7, have seen all Star Trek episodes from all seasons (I may have missed some of TOS) and all movies-except the animated series. And no books either...
I love the ships, the characters, most of the stories and the whole exploring new worlds and new civilizations idea... I also like the moral and ethical parts of the stories and this change of humanity to something much better...it gives you some hope after all... :)

15. Anything else you’d like to add or tell us about yourself?
Myself....dont know... first of that I'm not a min/maxer, I try to be above the middle but wont make it a purpose of my...life to be the best, just want to have fun and relax.
You could say I m generally the... -one step above- average Joe...in everything.... :d
I like having a general idea of many things but focus more in the ones I like. If you need a guy that knows a bit about (almost) everything (or knows where to look anyway) and can do many different things sufficiently enough to get you out of trouble or help you when needed then i'm your guy! :d
And second that you can always relay in my help if you need something, from a simple question to anything as long as you dont demand it and you ask it nicely :) - At least when I have time to spare and i'm not at work or babysitting... :(
I generally have the reputation of the guy you can trust and I'm planning of keeping it that way... ;-)
And finally a...reminder that sometimes I tend to look things from their funny angle or joke around so don't misunderstand me if I say something strange... :roll:


RIP Mr Spock...

***This concludes our interview for 2015 March - Member of the Month. Thank you George for the interview and for being a member of Liberty Task Force!***