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Liberty Task Force Forum
Liberty Embassy
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High priority messages. Please check here regularly for updates.
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By [F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C. Mar 26, 16
This section is for voting on Fleet Amendments & Regulations. After all, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." -Spock
48 274
By [V.A.] Renegade H.F. Feb 26, 19
Every month (1st & 16th of the month) two Liberty Task Force members will be invited into the Ready Room to tell us a little about themselves and their STO characters. Every member that completes the interview will be featured for about one month, plus receive a thank you gift of 500,000 EC. This is a great chance to get to know a little more about each other.
50 109
By [F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C. Dec 11, 18
Every month (1st & 16th of the month) two Liberty Task Force ships will be featured at the ship yard. Captains will be able discuss their current builds and layouts and future plans. Every member that completes the interview will have their ship featured for about one month, plus receive a thank you gift of 500,000 EC. This is a great chance to get to know everyone's different ship build and abilities.
44 79
By [AD.] Willides H.F.D.C. Sep 7, 16
Welcome to the Star Trek Online Fleet Armada (STOFA) forums. These forums are open to all visiting dignitaries, allies, and guests of Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard. Any fleet that wishes to become part of the alliance please let us know in these forums. Also, make yourself familiar with our charter at and find out which other fleets are part of our armada.
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This section is to be used to report website and/or TeamSpeak server issues.
Please feel free to post suggestions and comments.
11 173
By [LTF] Antwan H.F. Dec 5, 18
Liberty Starbase
Forum Threads Posts Latest Posts
General discussion area for anything to do with either Star Trek Online or anything Star Trek. Please post walkthroughs in the "Holodeck (STO Training)" forum and ship builds in "Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds)" forum. PvP tactics and strategies should be posted in these forums:
335 2455
By [LTF] Antwan H.F. Wed at 11:38 pm
This forum is for the posting of all our ship builds that we have within the fleet for PvE. If we can let's try to categorize the threads based on the type of ship it is. For PvP builds and strategeis please visit the following forums:
136 1302
By [LTF] Antwan H.F. Nov 25, 18
This forum will be used to post tips, hints, and strategies for anything STO; including but not limited to walkthough's on STF's, Fleet Actions, and Episode Missions.
47 396
By [LTF] Tybireus Jan 1, 19
General discussion area about anything that may not be related to Star Trek or Star Trek Online.
147 1018
By [LTF] Antwan H.F. Mar 5, 19
If your Rank in-game needs to updated please let us know on these forums. Also, if you believe that you have contributed a total of 1,000,000 total contributions to the fleet with any of your characters or even between all of them, let us know here. If verified all your characters will receive the "Honorary Founder" rank giving you special priveleges within the fleet.
77 273
By [AD.] Willides H.F.D.C. Feb 9, 19
Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard Fleet
Forum Threads Posts Latest Posts
This forum is a place for any and all information regarding the new Research & Development crafting system. If you are requesting an item from a crafter please visit the subforum: "R&D Requisitions (Orders)" and request the item there. You should provide all materials necessary to the crafter.
8 28
By muwatali H.F. Sep 2, 14
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