The goal of this mission is to destroy the 3 planet killers which are still within their Maw's (Undine version of a Shipyard), destroy as many of the larvae as possible and destroy the planet killer which is trying to escape.  

Note: Cloak with care in this map.  The Undines version of Gravity Wells, (Fluidic Rifts) are extremely powerful and will destroy you if you are cloaked.  

Note: During this there will be one of 2 random optional missions which will appear.  You will either need to destroy a small group of Borg ships or escort a Gekli.  This will appear once you destroy the first planet killer.  There is also a timed bonus, if you take too long the completed planet killer at the final set of chimneys will escape and you will lose this bonus.

Initial Spawn Point

The image above shows your spawn point.  

There is a very annoying video that starts, you can either watch it or esc out of it.  Either way you will be stuck at this location waiting for a countdown timer, you may launch fighters but they will not recall into your ship until after the timer lapses.  If you immediately hit full impulse you will leave your fighters behind.

Fly to the first set of "chimneys" visible in the picture above.

Once you arrive you will be given one of two options to either transport troops to one of the chimneys or shoot the Maw weak point.  During this you will be fired upon by several Undine ships.  It helps to have a tank aggro to aggro all of the Undine ships while a small -Th escort takes care of the transporter or weak point.  Once you do this the entire Maw will open.

Open Maw

Maw in the process of opening exposing the planet killer.  The maw is located in the center of the cluster of 3 chimneys near the bottom of the map.

Everyone should now focus fire on the planet killer.  

Note: Once each planet killer is dead several larvae will spawn, these are bonus items so kill as many as possible.  The larvae move fast and will get out of your range quickly, Gravity Wells, Fluidic rifts, and beam fire at will are helpful.  This is also when your optional will appear, either kill the small spawn of Borg ships or escort the Gekli.  The location will be marked by a green circle near these chimneys.

Move to the next set of chimneys marked by a Green Arrow.

This next set of Maws will also be opened by either transporting or firing on the weak points.  The difference is that only 1 of the doors will open for each chimney you interact with.  Many teams, particularly PUGs will attempt to open all three of the doors.  This is a waste of time.  Simply open one of the doors and focus fire through it to destroy the planet killer.  Once destroyed look for and destroy larvae.

Now you get "Nasal Nancy" in a video clip again.  Unlike the first video you CANNOT skip this one.

Once the video is over you may rush to the next set of chimneys.  Don't fly directly to them, instead move to the right side where you will see a Planet Killer that is trying to escape.  You MUST shoot this ship in the front right down its super weapon.  The sides and rear are armored to the point they are invulnerable to your weapons fire.

Escaping Planet Killer

This is the correct view when firing on this Planet Killer.

Keep firing on it until it is destroyed.  Watch out for the Undine ships that will move in once you attack this ship.

Once this ship is destroyed you may now move to the final set of chimneys.  These doors are triggered the same as the others with either transporters or destroying the weak point.  These doors do not stay open though.  Once you open them they will immediately begin to close again so it is important to work as a team.  As soon as Nasal Nancy announces that the doors are opening everyone needs to rush over and focus fire on the trapped Planet Killer.  The team will typically need to open the doors 2 or 3 times to complete it.

If you finish the mission fast enough you will have one last chance to kill some larvae to increase your bonus.
[LTF] John Koenig H.F. On the final Planet Killer that you have to destroy before it reaches normal space, the Planet Killer will always target...