The purpose of this map is to close the 6 Undine rifts and kill the planet killer.  If your team stays together and works together as a team this is one of the easiest maps in the game.

Note: The optional involves rifts which pop up at random locations throughout the map.  Since this is a beginners guide we will focus on the main mission and learn the optional once you are proficient with the basics.


For the purposes of this guide I have marked the map above with key locations.  The team will spawn separated with some spawning at each of the 3 Starbases.  Once the countdown is finished everyone ignore all of the enemies and make your way to the Top Starbase.  This is where we will begin our mission.  

Notice that the map is divided into three "vectors" which most of us refer to as lanes.  We will focus on one lane at a time with the Starbase being the starting point in each lane.

Don't worry, the Undine can't harm this base, it is merely the starting point for each lane.  

When you reach the top base you will see a "Command Ship" which will be a random race and marked with an ! icon above the ship.  The teams job is to escort the Command Ship to the rifts so that it can make the rift vulnerable.

The Command Ship can be destroyed, but if it does a new one will spawn. 

Start at the Top Starbase, destroy all Undine and move to Rift 1 killing any Undine which spawn along the way and at the rift.  Your team must continue destroying all Undine spawns until the Command Ship reaches it and interacts with the rift making it vulnerable.

In the image above you can see the Command Ship on the opposite side of the rift.  At this point the rift is vulnerable so we are able to target and fire on it.

Once this rift is destroyed you will proceed to Rift 2 and repeat the process.  Once Rift 2 is destroyed you will have finished this lane and may now move to the Middle Starbase and repeat the entire process, the same with the Bottom Starbase lane, once the Middle lane is finished you move to the bottom lane and repeat the entire process again.  Be careful when moving from a finished lane to start the next lane, between lanes you may encounter Undine ships and large fluidic "snot balls".  Avoid both and get to the next lane as fast as possible.

Once the Rift 6 is unlocked you will notice a new arrow pointing to the Boss.  

This is an Undine Planet Killer.  You can only damage this Boss by firing directly in front of it.  This Planet Killer is unique from the Planet Killers in other maps because in addition to the lance this one has more weapons including torpedoes.  This boss is not complicated, stay directly in front of it firing into it until it explodes.