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[LTF] Antwan   created a new thread Ship hanging in Risa skies in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[LTF] ZombieHey my friends...

I'm going to try to spend some time in game soon and hope to see you all. It's been a busy and irritating few months. Working 60-70 hours a week. The wife tried to have a heart attack. One of my uncles was murdered by a methhead posing as a cop. We're in the process of buying a house. Fighting my usual health issue BS... blah, blah, blah. Moral of the story is I miss messing around with you guys and hope to be back soon.
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[LTF] Zombie   Jumping in game after I finish downloading this 30 pound patch.
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  ZombieeeEEEEEEE!!!!!
Looks like you re having a good time... :roll: I ll stop complaining... I m not even half way close to that... :lol:
I hope I ll see you tomorrow :)
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  created a new thread ship decisions in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[LTF] test 1   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[V.A.] Willides H.F.  created a new thread Multiple issues in the Site Bugs, Suggestions, and Updates forum
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.Thread waking part 1! introduce yourselves!! [link]
Liberty Task Force - Forums - Forums
Liberty Task Force - Forums
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[LTF] Kawn   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[V.A.] Willides H.F.This is brilliant
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[V.A.] Willides H.F.  developerese
[V.A.] Drax H.F.  Antwan, it's a parody on a Mexican show where the main character (Risitas) explains a silly story in such a way that literally everything gets funny. There are a lot of different fake subtitles in order to mock all sort of things (Macbooks, gameconsoles and, of course, politics). It's in Spanish, but has got nothing to do with this game ;)
[LTF] Antwan   oh so that was it, the things ppl do ... ^^
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Xena1016   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[V.A.] Willides H.F.Don't forget to check your promotions tab to see if you can claim your TOS Holographic bridge crew.
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[LTF] Antwan   i dont see this crew, is there any precondition for this to be enabled ?
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  No one knows the conditions except the PR people. It was a promo and probably went out to players at random. I found my in the cstore under promotions after i heard about it on Reddit. Not sure if there is or was a time limit.
[LTF] Antwan   >.< so many missed stuff in sto .... but cant say they are necessary either ... well will keep my eyes and ears open so i miss less in future lol
[LTF] Antwan   created a new thread The Mirror Invasion Event in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[V.A.] Willides H.F.Interesting, but something doesn't feel quite right besides the ship.
Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer
Learn more: Before Kirk, Spock and the Ente...
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[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  it doesnt work, maybe it s a US only release or something?
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  Probably. If you have Netflix, I think they have the trailer there since you guys are lucky enough to have it on there and the US and Canada have to pay for CBS All Access.
[LTF] Antwan   Is this video blocked or removed ?
[F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C.  added 90 Ultimate days to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
[V.A.] techiejoe74 H.F.Anybody fancy a star trek spoof by Seth mcfarlane? :)
The Orville: Official Trailer | THE ORVILLE
The universe has a crew loose. From Seth MacFarlane and Dire...
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[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  I dont know if it is just me but this trailer reminded me of our chat... :roll:
[LTF] Antwan   hmm u guys pay to watch a series ? its not broadcasted in TV ? O.o
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  Discovery will need a paid subscription CBS all access for the US and Canada / Netflix for everyone else. The Orville will be broadcast TV.
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