The goal of this mission is to destroy the 2 Transwarp Conduits without allowing any of the Probes which spawn within those conduits reaching the center small round transwarp conduit and escaping.  To do this you will need to pre-plan and split into two teams.  You will need 2 players to kill the probes which spawn from each of the gates and the rest can focus on destroying the Nanite Generators.  Decide now which 2 players will eventually move left, with 1 to kill probes and the other to assault.  Decide which 3 players will move right with 1 killing probes and the other 2 assaulting.  

You ALWAYS want your 2 highest DPS players as your probe killers.  The tactics described below assume you are using your highest DPS players as the probe killers.  This is to increase the odds that you finish the mission in time to get the optional rewards.  Also remember that if any of the probes make it through the center exit gate you also loose optional rewards.

When you spawn into the mission you will see a gate to your left and one to your right.  The enemy escape gate will be directly in front of you behind the Tactical Cube which is your first target.  The entire team assaults this cube destroying it before you split into the 2 teams and proceed to assault the gates.

Once you destroy this tactical cube you will notice that the shields immediately drop from both gates, the generators and Transformers.  There will also be 2 probes which spawn out of each of the outside gates.

Now is the time for the team to split.  The 2 players designated for probe duty will attack the probes which spawned and the other players will rush to their designated transformers and start attacking Generators.

I always recommend that you begin killing the Generators surrounding the inside Transformers.  By inside I mean the Transformers which are closest to the center round escape gate.  The image above has a large red arrow marking the inside Transformer for the right team.

While the probe killer is doing his job the 2 assault teams need to kill the Generators surrounding the Transformers.  Once you kill 2 Generators healing one of the Transformers a Borg cube will appear above that Transformer.  Everyone near that Transformer must then focus fire on that cube including the designated probe killer if there are no probes.

Once the cube has been destroyed the assault team destroys the rear generators and then moves on to the outside Transformer on their side.  This will enable the probe killer to kill probes and destroy the inside Transformer at the same time.  This tactic will actually speed up the overall process of finishing the mission.  The outside Transformer works exactly as the inside with the same 4 generators, cube and Transformer.  If the assault team kills the outside Transformer before the probe killer is finished with the inside they can then return and help finish it off.  

The safe way to destroy the large gates is to have each team focus fire on the gate while the probe killer players also ensure they don't allow any probes to get through.  If you are a reasonably high DPS, 6k+ DPS average for the entire team, simply assault at will destroying the gates as fast as possible.  The side with the gate that is destroyed the fastest needs to give the other team a courtesy warning a few seconds before the gate is destroyed*.

If you are a moderate to low DPS team you need to coordinate your assaults so that you destroy both Transformers at as close to the exact same moment as possible.  To do this take the gate down to 15% health and alert the other team when you are there.  Then when the two gates are both at 15% health... destroy them.  *When the first gate is destroyed the surviving gate will spawn a large group of probes and Spheres which will rush to the center escape Gate as fast as possible.  The Spheres will not exit through the center gate and will not impact your optional rewards however they will attack the team in order to open a path to the center gate for the probes.  Kill the probes while initially ignoring the Spheres.  Once the Probes are dead you can then finish off the large remaining gate and any Spheres which are interfering with you.  The gate will continue to alternate between normal probe spawns and large probe/sphere spawns until it is dead.

Once both gates are dead destroy any remaining Borg ships then begin making your way to where you initially spawned into the game.  In a few seconds Donatra's Scimitar will spawn.

This is the mission Boss.  It's Donatra's Assimilated Scimitar.  This has the standard Scimitar weapons, and battle cloak but adds Borg Tractor Probes which are small ships which fly around equipped with tractor beams intended to snare you so that she can hit you with her incredibly powerful Thaloron Weapon which means instant death for all but the most powerful tanks.

If you get too close to her she will cloak so stay at least 6k away from her at all times to ensure this does not happen.  The more time she spends cloaked the more time you cannot fire at her and the optional reward timer is ticking away.  If she does cloak any torpedoes or fighters which were locked on to her before she cloaked will continue to follow her allowing you to track her movements while cloaked.  If she is hit with an ability like anti-proton sweep you will be able to follow the animation effect even while she is cloaked.

When she decloaks she will usually fire her Thaloron weapon.  The timer on this weapon varies, sometimes she decloaks and instantly fires and other times it takes her several seconds before the blast wave is fired.  Either way you do not want to be in the path of this weapon.

"image to be added later"

Once the Assimilated Scimitar is destroyed you have finished the mission.  If you did so within the time limit without losing any probes you will also receive the optional reward.