This is the easiest of the Special Task Force STF missions to learn and the STF we use to introduce our new level 50 players.  To participate in a training session please send a message to one of the training officers via the website mail or in-game mail.

Your mission is to defeat the Borg in his sector and save the Starbase.  To put it simply that means to kill everything Borg in the map.  There are multiple ways to do this, however this guide will cover the safe, beginners method of completing the mission with optional rewards.  To get the optional rewards your team must destroy the two Transformers without any of the Nanite Spheres healing them within the map time limit.  If a Nanite Sphere reaches a Transformer and heals it you can still complete the mission but without the optional reward.  Also if you fail to complete the mission within the required time limit you will still receive the main reward but will fail to obtain the optional.

Infected Conduit Elite Spawn Point

This is the initial spawn point for this map.  In the center of the map you can see the initial ships you must destroy which is a cube and 2 spheres.  Behind it you can see the Transwarp gate which is currently protected by an impenetrable shield.  The team begins their assault by destroying the cube and the 2 spheres which are between you and the Transwarp gate.

Once the guard ships are destroyed the shields will drop on the Transwarp gate, the Transformers, Generators and their guard cubes.

Once these shields have dropped you must avoid getting within 10k of the gate or it will attack you with extremely powerful weapons.  Move over to the left cube and destroy it.  Doing so will enable you to assault the Transformer without it firing on you.  

Split your team so that one person is firing on each of the 4 Nanite Generators which surround the Transformer.  These Generators are constantly repairing the Transformer.  This is also what the Nanite ships will do if they get into range of the Transformer.  

While firing on your Nanite Generator monitor the progress of your team mates to ensure you destroy all of them at the same moment.

This image shows you the Transformer surrounded by the 4 Nanite Generators.

Since this is the safe method of the mission it is important that all of the generators are destroyed at the same moment.  This is because the Nanite ships will begin entering the map through the Transwarp gate as soon as the first Nanite Generator is destroyed.  

Once you have destroyed the 4 Nanite Generators you are in a race against the Nanite ships which have just entered into the map via the Transwarp gate.  They are heading to the Transformer to heal it and an additional 2 Spheres have spawned above the Nanite Transformer to distract you from it.

If every team member targets this Nanite Transformer ignoring everything else you should have no problem destroying it before the Nanite ships get into range to repair it.  

note:  You will have teams where there is extremely low dps, e.g. <2k average across the team.  In this instance you may send a ship to slow the Nanites with Gravity Wells, Tractor beams and etc. however if your team dps is that low you may be unable to destroy the Transformer in time by doing that.  This is why we recommend 3,000 dps average as a minimum to complete this mission.  Less than that you risk being unable to complete the map in time to receive the optional reward.

Once you have destroyed this Nanite Transformer you must eliminate the spawn of Nanite ships and the 2 Spheres while remaining outside the gates targeting range of 10k.

Once you have destroyed these ships you can then move to the other side of this gate and repeat the process destroying the cube, then Nanite Generators, Transformer and finally the spawn of ships.

Once you have destroyed the 2nd Transformer  a Tac cube will also spawn from the gate.  For now simply stay out of range of this cube and the gate while you kill the Nanite Ships and the 2 Spheres.

Once the ships are dead move your ship behind the Transwarp gate.  If you are a tank/aggro build you may move in closer to the gate in order to draw fire from your tac dps ships.  This will enable them to destroy the gate unmolested.  If a tank/aggro is unavailable move your ship to maximum firing range of 9.9k and target the gate from there.  This will reduce your overall damage output but will make you virtually invulnerable.

Once the gate is destroyed there is nothing left but to destroy the tactical cube.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this guide please ask them in the "user commenting" section below and I will integrate them into the guide.