Hive Onslaught... a fitting name for this STF.  I recommend that you do not play this mission until you are proficient at ICE, KASE and CSE.  

The goal of this map is to kill all of the Cubes, the 2 Unimatrix ships and finally the Queens Diamond.  It is extremely helpful to have an escort and a science ship when playing this map.  The escort's job is to herd enemy ships away from the group.  The science ship is handy against the queen to Subnuke her feedback pulse.

There are SEVERAL bonus options for this map.  Keep an eye on the mission window at the right of your screen and you will see the optionals listed as they become active.  Don't worry about the optionals on your first few runs because unless you are running with an extremely good team you will not have a hope of getting them.

You will spawn facing several tactical cubes each surrounded by spheres.


The entire team should move to approximately 12k from the nearest cube.  The escort will maneuver to within 10k of the closest cube, but not within firing range of any other cubes.  Fire on the closest cube (typically the left one) and "kite" it to the other players.  

The escort must keep aggro from this cube without getting aggro on any other cubes so avoid AOE weapons at this time.

Once you have dragged this cube and it's sphere escorts away from the rest of the enemy ships the entire team can destroy it.  The escort must now select your next target (typically the top cube from the left side) and pull it over to your team.  Keep repeating this process until all of the Borg ships have been destroyed.

With each cube you destroy you will find it more difficult to find a good angle for the escort to pull a single cube away.  If you aggro more than 1 cube you still need to focus fire on the closest cube and work your way through all the cubes in this fashion.

Once all of the cubes and spheres are dead you will find yourself facing 2 Unimatrix ships and a Diamond.  You want to fly between the diamond and the left Unimatrix ship.  The Unimatrix ships fire a lance that is quite powerful.  Target the left Unimatrix ship and destroy it.

Unimatrix Ship

Unimatrix Ship

Once you have destroyed this ship you can move over and destroy the second Unimatrix ship.

You now face the Queen.

Queen Diamond

Queens diamond ship.

The Queens ship is equipped with an extremely powerful feedback pulse as well as an aceton assimilator affect which is extremely over powered.  It is important to remain outside of 6k to ensure you are not hit with the Aceton Assimilator and to keep an eye out for her Feedback Pulse.  This weapon will not trigger at 6k however the Diamond is surprisingly nimble and will chase you down so 6k provides a safety cushion for you.  If you get too close she triggers the Assimilator and you are dead.  If she triggers the Feedback someone on the team must call it out immediately so that the science player can Subnuke it.

Once the Queens ship is destroyed she will complain to you, then you must scan for her escape pod and the mission is over.