This is the beginners guide to The Cure Found.  There are other methods to complete this but this method has been proved to be the most successful for groups of new players.  Once you have mastered this method and if you reach 15k+ DPS you can then ask to join the advanced team and learn that method as well.

The goal of this map is simple, you must destroy the 3 Borg shipyards while keeping the damaged Kang alive.  The Kang will be directly in front of the spawn point emitting a large plume of Plasma.  Pick your highest DPS player to guard the Kang.  All of the other players will form a team and assault each of the 3 shipyards 1 at a time.  Speed is important because if you don't finish fast enough you will lose the bonus, however if you allow the Kang to take too much damage you also lose the bonus.

The Kang

In the image above you can see that an Odyssey has taken up the role of guarding the Kang.  Pay attention to the player guarding the Kang because if that player gets overwhelmed and calls for help you must help them to avoid losing the Kang bonus, however if this player has to call for help too many times you will lose the timer bonus so make sure this player has enough DPS to handle this job.

As you approach the Kang from the spawn point you will see the three shipyards off in the distance. The typical order we take in this fleet is right to left destroying everything at each point before moving on. 

Borg Shipyard

Above is an example of one of the Borg shipyards.  Each shipyard will spawn ships which will head for the Kang and attempt to destroy it.  The primary goal is to keep the Kang alive so the team assaulting the shipyard will destroy any spawns coming from that shipyard while the player guarding the Kang will destroy any spawns coming from the other 2 shipyards.  The nanite spheres and the cube will not move.

The team assaulting the shipyard should approach it from beneath staying between the shipyard and the Kang.  If you get within 10k of the cube it will destroy you so by approaching from under the shipyard you can target the Nanite Spheres without being targeted by the cube.  Destroy the lower set of Nanite Spheres first, once all three of the lower spheres are destroyed target and destroy one of the upper Spheres.  

Once this sphere is destroyed a Borg Raptor and Borg Negh'Var will appear.  These 2 ships are much stronger than the other ships so you will need to focus fire on them.  It is important that when these ships appear someone notifies the rest of the team.  The first person who sees these ships calls them out to the rest of the team who then focus fires on the Negh'Var until it is destroyed.  After it is destroyed focus on the Raptor.  Don't forget that you are also responsible for killing the standard spawns.



As soon as the Neg'Var and Raptor are destroyed and any spawns are destroyed you can then finish off the Nanite Spheres and destroy the Cube.  Once the Cube is destroyed you must move QUICKLY to the center shipyard because the spawns coming from the shipyards are now Raptors.  Kill off the Raptors which have spawned from the center shipyard and proceed to destroy the center shipyard the same way you just killed the Right shipyard.

Once the center shipyard is destroyed you must move very quickly to the final shipyard because it is now spawning nothing but Negh'Vars.

Destroy the Negh'Var spawn then proceed to destroy the Nanite Spheres and Cube the same way you did at the last 2 shipyards.

Once the final shipyard is destroyed rush to the Kang and hail it.  Once hailed the Kang will leave the map and you no longer have to worry about timers or keeping it alive.

The only thing left is to kill the boss which will spawn between where the Kang used to sit and the center shipyard.  It is an assimilated Klingon carrier... and it is extremely weak for a boss.

Assimilated Carrier

Destroy this carrier for the win.