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August 2015
Happy Birthday!
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STO News Feed
    A lot has been happening over the course of this week! Make sure you didn't miss anything with our News Recap blog. We feature this week's news as well as what we've been reading. Now is the perfect time to sit back ...
Published Aug 1, 2015
Our new Heavy Escort Carriers are now available! These starships have fleet and non-fleet variants, and the non-fleet versions are available in two ways: Individually (2500 ZEN each from now until 8/3 at 10AM PDT! Normal Pricing is 30...
Published Jul 30, 2015
Each week we’ll be rolling out an additional reward for the Featured Episode “Broken Circle.” Last week’s reward was the Reactive Armor Catalysts Pack. This week’s reward is the Jam Subspace Transmissions Universal Kit Module. ...
Published Jul 30, 2015
Now that your Fleet is developing its own Research Lab, undertake special, limited time projects to change its look! Beginning on July 30, the "Broadened Horizons" project will add glass floors to your Research Lab's Conference Room...
Published Jul 30, 2015
General: Resolved an issue that was allowing the damage bonus from Particle Focuser consoles from the Fleet Research Lab to benefit from damage bonuses themselves. Resolved an issue that was causing the Iconian Resistance 2 piece bon...
Published Jul 30, 2015
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     Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard is more than just a Star Trek Online Gaming fleet; we are an online community of friends. We are an active and friendly fleet that cares about all its members and lives up to its principles. We believe that every member of our fleet has a voice, and that all opinions deserve to be heard. At Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard, you have a voice. We stand behind our motto of "Liberty, Equality, Justice, Peace, and Cooperation" but above all we value respect. Our goal as a fleet is not to be the largest or even the best, but more importantly to be the most respected in Star Trek Online; for at the end of the day, respect is what you take with you.

     To learn more about our mission and who we are as a fleet, please visit our About Us page and also check out our Fed Progression and KDF Progression page to learn more on the progress of our Starbase, Embassy, and Dilithium Mine. Again, welcome and make yourself at home, visit our forums and galleries and get to know us better. Should you like what you see, you may register to join on our Recruitment page. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and even more that you decide to join our fleet. From all of us here at Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard we thank you for visiting; take care, and see you in space!

~Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard Fleets~
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[F.A.] Grayfox   created a new thread Explanation of Forum Tags in the Official Fleet News, Announcements, & Updates forum
[F.A.] Grayfox2015, August - Fleet EC Lottery is up with the prizes listed, check out: [link] for more info. ALso KDF players, want a free Lobi Ship? Check out this event exclusively for you: [link] most KDF contributions for the month of August gets a Lobi Ship (winners choice!
Liberty Task Force
A Star Trek Online Fleet.
[F.A.] Grayfox   created a new thread 2015 August - Ship of the Month: U.S.S. Olympia in the Utopia Planitia Shipyard (Ship of the Month) forum
[F.A.] Grayfox   uploaded 4 images to Homepage Images
[F.A.] GrayfoxI will always be a Star Trek fan before a Star Wars fan forever...however, with this being said I do recognize that this movie will most likely break every single box office record ever. I know Star Trek is a different breed, but they had so much potential for epic battles, scenes, everything, and they never took it there :/
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2
Get your first look at the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens ...
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[V.A.] muwatali H.F.  blah.... i hate SW...
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  but why? I m sure you d love the dark side... :sick: :sick:
[LTF] Badd DaVE and [LTF] Ozstryker registered to Liberty Task Force
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[F.A.] Grayfox   Welcome to the mad house :sick:
[F.A.] Grayfox   created a new thread 2015 August - Member of the Month: Schpo in the Admiral's Ready Room (Member of the Month) forum
[V.A.] muwatali H.F.im just gonna leave this here......
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[F.A.] Grayfox   created a new thread New Fleet Twitter Feed and Deleting Events in the Official Fleet News, Announcements, & Updates forum
[F.A.] GrayfoxYes! All Epic, finally!
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[LTF] Nurulinde H.F.  Hmmm... Seems to me like 75% of your devices aren't Epic... You got some work to do yet ! :sick:
[LTF] Nurulinde H.F.  14 Boff/Ship/Captain slots shown.. and the slider clearly indicates that isn't even half of what you have... You win the game Gray ! :sick:
[F.A.] Grayfox   Yeah I have a lot of Boff's and like 2 empty slots still. I don't have the heart to get rid of them...though I suspect soon I will.
[LTF] rskipper H.F.  created a new thread My New HEC, the USS Orca, costume build, not stat bu... in the Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds) forum
[F.A.] GrayfoxSo I found out what the two Klingon Armada Fleets mean. Vulcan Kolinahr Klingon fleet means: "Attack Fighter Accompany Honor" and Task Force Midnight's is "Battle Band Midnight". At least that's what Bing's Klingon to English translator is saying :sick:
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no idea what it is but I m in! :sick:
Want a free Lobi ship KDF players? Find out how here: [link] new KDF fleet event for Lobi Ship!
2015 August - Fleet EC Lottery is up: [link] click link for details and good luck!
George it's got a nice Torp Ship Trait though. One free High Yield Torp after using High Yield Torp. But 300-400 million EC is nice too!
no idea...it s a tanky ship but I m not much into alien ships... Still dont know...
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