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Day 1 “What in the hell is that?!” A man in combat armor peered through smoke and sparks into the wreckage as one of his comrades shined a bright light on the subject in question – a pale-skinned, hairless man in some sort of flight su...
Published May 26, 2016
General: Resolved an issue which occasionally caused players to crash in the New Khitomer System map. Resolved a crash which would occasionally occur in System Maps. Systems: Unstable Anomalies Starship Trait: Unstable Anoma...
Published May 26, 2016
In 2268 the Defiant responded to a distress call in the unexplored Tholian Sector. The crew of the Enterprise discovered the ship adrift three weeks later, caught in a phenomenon known as interphase. A boarding party discovered signs of ...
Published May 25, 2016
Star Trek Online is a game that offers a deep and complex experience for its players, allowing them to not only explore strange new worlds on foot but also fly and fight through the spaces between them. As the game has matured over the l...
Published May 24, 2016
Klingon ships have attacked repeaters in the Federation’s subspace communications network, and Starfleet Command believes that it may be a prelude to invasion. Join a Federation task force in confronting the Klingons at the border in a s...
Published May 24, 2016
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Liberty Task Force (Fed)
Liberty Honor Guard (KDF)

     Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard is more than just a Star Trek Online Gaming fleet; we are an online community of friends. We are an active and friendly fleet that cares about all its members and lives up to its principles. We believe that every member of our fleet has a voice, and that all opinions deserve to be heard. At Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard, you have a voice. We stand behind our motto of "Liberty, Equality, Justice, Peace, and Cooperation" but above all we value respect. Our goal as a fleet is not to be the largest or even the best, but more importantly to be the most respected in Star Trek Online; for at the end of the day, respect is what you take with you.

     To learn more about our mission and who we are as a fleet, please visit our About Us and F.A.Q. page and also check out our Fed Progression and KDF Progression page to learn more on the progress of our Starbase, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire, and Research Lab. Again, welcome and make yourself at home, visit our forums and galleries and get to know us better. Should you like what you see, you may register to join on our Recruitment page. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and even more that you decide to join our fleet. From all of us here at Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard we thank you for visiting; take care, and see you in space!

~Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard Fleets~
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[V.A.] ZombieHey gang, sorry I have not been around, but my health issues have been keeping me down again.
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  dont worry, your chair is here and waiting, just get better... :)
[AD.] muwatali H.F.  just get better you damn dinosaur :d
[F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C.Members please be sure to check this thread out: [link] and be sure that if you are listed, please collect your prize for whatever event/activity/lottery it was as I plan to forfeit all unclaimed prizes by August 31, 2016. Thank you.
Liberty Task Force
A Star Trek Online Fleet.
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[LTF] TessaraVejgan   registered to Liberty Task Force
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Reminder of event Crystalline Cataclysm now in progress
10-Player fleet action against the Crystalline Entity.
[F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C.  uploaded an image to Fleet Members
[LTF] lomax6996   created a new thread 10 actors that were almost cast in Star Trek in the 10 Forward (Non-Game Related) forum
[V.A.] Drax H.F.  created a new thread Bard songs in video games in the 10 Forward (Non-Game Related) forum
[V.A.] Drax H.F.Not exactly Star Trek, but still cool
The epic sword fight at the Tower of Joy from Game of Throne...
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TNG one piece swimsuits. Just in time for the Risa event. [link]
Happy birthday ceewkay! Hope you had a great one!
I'm still leery about Motorcycles of the Future! in the trailer, considering Kirk owned a hoverbike in the first film. Still, more Trek is never a bad thing. Might appeal to the Fast & Furious crowd too.
I actually liked the new Star Trek Beyond trailer. It's sparking my interest in it again. Wanting to play more now too :d
Good news. [link]
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