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April 2018
There are no birthdays today.
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     Liberty/Pride fleets are more than just a Star Trek Online Gaming fleets; we are an online community of friends. We are an active and friendly fleet that cares about all its members and lives up to its principles. We believe that every member of our fleet has a voice, and that all opinions deserve to be heard. At the Liberty/Pride fleets, you have a voice. We stand behind our motto of "Liberty, Equality, Justice, Peace, and Cooperation" but above all we value respect. Our goal as a fleet is not to be the largest or even the best, but more importantly to be the most respected in Star Trek Online; for at the end of the day, respect is what you take with you.

     To learn more about our mission and who we are as a fleet, please visit our About Us and F.A.Q. page and also check out our Fed Progression and KDF Progression page to learn more on the progress of our Starbase, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire, Research Lab, and K-13. Again, welcome and make yourself at home, visit our forums and galleries and get to know us better. Should you like what you see, you may register to join on our Recruitment page. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and even more that you decide to join our fleet. From all of us here at Liberty/Pride fleets we thank you for visiting; take care, and see you in space!

~Liberty/Pride Fleets~
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[LTF] Antwan H.F.  created a new thread Game vangaurd pack in the Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds) forum
[LTF] Riker   created a new thread Having performance issues when running /combatlog in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.  created a new thread Iconian tech locations in the The Holodeck (STO Training) forum
[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.Dont forget /target temporal probe
[LTF] Antwan H.F.  whats this ?
[LTF] Antwan H.F.  any goodies ?
wats a /target ..... and where do u find a temporal probe to do it ... is it in inventory ?
[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.  actually I mixed up the event with the Temporal Recruit. In chat you would type /target temporal probe and if you were within 85 meters it would flag the probe on your map so you could find it.
[PFed] Jasko   created a new thread Contrubution for PotF in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.For all you newbies, the Delta Recruitment is returning dont miss it. Not as good at the Temporal Recruit but still loaded with some good stuff. You need one recruit from each faction to get all rewards.
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[LTF] Antwan H.F.  one delta .... i cant even do that .... how much time do we have until this toon breading season gets over ?
[LTF] Antwan H.F.  hey will also how do i know what are faction specific story arcs ... wat is see is just too much of story every where i am lost .... one thing i got to give sto is they make amazing stories .... noo other mmo comes close !!!
[LTF] Carcosa   I made Voxx the Romulan Federation Borg... anyone read the Shatnerverse book the Return?
[V.A.] Renegade H.F.  uploaded 2 images to STOFA Ships
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[PFed] Jasko   created a new thread best t6 for pve in the Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds) forum
Sitaak Peifen   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.An ice storm in the middle of April had to knock out my power during the dilithium weekend. Worst part is the power company wont speed up repairs even after i told them i was a fleet admiral in starfleet and have saved the universe countless times. The lack og gratitude now days.
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[AD.] Willides H.F.D.C.  Back on and the moment I finally got a generator I borrowed up and running.
[LTF] Antwan H.F.  :)
[F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  Murphy's law... :lol: welcome to my world :p
[PFed] Jasko   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[LTF] Kyias   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  created a new thread 1st Spotlight Member of 2018 - Drax in the Admiral's Ready Room (Member of the Month) forum
[LTF] AlexandreTK   registered to STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet Armada)
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[F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  Welcome
Hmm..where are you from?
[LTF] AlexandreTK   noticed this just lol. sorry man, I'm from Brazil.
[F.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  oooh Brazil...nice! :)
[LTF] AlexandreTK   created a new thread newbro - new ship choices in the Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds) forum
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Oh my goodness! Happy belated birthday Dead! I need to visit this place more often!
3 patches so far for half season...imagine what ll happen this summer with the full season... :roll:
Happy Birthday(s)
Well, see, you're too special to fit into just one day of celebration... ;)
Thanks guys, but my B-day was actually yesterday (seems like it spans over multiple days :-) )
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