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STO News Feed
Vaadwaur - The Reborn Threat Close to a thousand years prior to the current events of Star Trek Online, the Empire of the Vaadwaur spanned across most of the Delta Quadrant. Their use of subspace corridors for swift and undetectable ...
Published Oct 24, 2014
We are now running a special weekend event where you can earn bonus Dilithium Ore by playing content throughout the game! The Dilithium Ore event runs from 10AMPDT Thursday, October 23 until 10AM PDT Monday, October 27, 2014 at 10AM PDT....
Published Oct 23, 2014
General:   The Skill Points and Expertise rewarded for defeating NPCs below the player’s current level have been updated. They now correctly scale starting at one level below the player. Defeating NPCs that are 5 levels below...
Published Oct 23, 2014
Greetings Captains! Let’s learn about how we created the deadly Vaadwaur Ships for Star Trek Online: Delta Rising! For the Vaadwaur Ship group we had to accomplish two goals. First, we wanted to create an entire fleet of ships whil...
Published Oct 22, 2014
ExtraLife Gaming Charity Event on November 1st, 2014     Perfect World Entertainment is proud to announce our participation in this year's ExtraLife Gaming Charity Event benefiting the Children's Hospital Network. Join our Star Tre...
Published Oct 21, 2014
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     Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard is more than just a Star Trek Online Gaming fleet; we are an online community of friends. We are an active and friendly fleet that cares about all its members and lives up to its principles. We believe that every member of our fleet has a voice, and that all opinions deserve to be heard. At Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard, you have a voice. We stand behind our motto of "Liberty, Equality, Justice, Peace, and Cooperation" but above all we value respect. Our goal as a fleet is not to be the largest or even the best, but more importantly to be the most respected in Star Trek Online; for at the end of the day, respect is what you take with you.

     To learn more about our mission and who we are as a fleet, please visit our About Us page and also check out our Fed Progression and KDF Progression page to learn more on the progress of our Starbase, Embassy, and Dilithium Mine. Again, welcome and make yourself at home, visit our forums and galleries and get to know us better. Should you like what you see, you may register to join on our Recruitment page. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and even more that you decide to join our fleet. From all of us here at Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard we thank you for visiting; take care, and see you in space!

~Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard Fleets~

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[CL-1] Tiamet   joined Liberty Task Force
[CL-7] GeorgeDp D.C.  created a new thread Shields graphic issue in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[CL-6] Krelian05Ok is it just me or are the Vaadwaur heavy weapons platform a Bish to kill?? Took me 45 mins to kill that thing in one of the patrol missions in delta. And I was literally throwing everything I had and the kitchen sink at it.
[CL-3] Sasami   created a new thread Awaken the Poet in You in the 10 Forward (Non-Game Related) forum
[H.F.] Zeetocht   created a new thread Possible Powers Tray workaround in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[CL-8] Grayfox I'm glad more people feel the same as me...there really is no point to play this game in Elite anymore. Drops don't seem better or more often, ships aren't more threatening or even break my shields...missions just take longer because hull points are through the roof.
Vaadwaur insanely strong or bugged? - Star Trek Online
i killed one of these in elite using a mirror patrol eng-scort. had a parser on for the mission. got 4.2k dps for the mission. so not an elity dps boat by any means boring as ****,...
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[CL-8] Grayfox   Good point George I didn't even think of that. And personally I don't even think drops are better on Elite.
[CL-8] Grayfox   Tys there's no way you're completing story missions in less then half hour. I don't mean Wlite queues I mean story missions on elite.
[CL-7] Zombie   I made it through everything solo while on elite. I only had any difficulty with 1 mission but I was able to beat it solo. Too easy is boring. I'm tired of being able to steamroll everything in the game.
[CL-3] Totenmaus   created a new thread CL Request: KDF in the Honorary Founder Request & Clearance Level Corrections forum
[CL-3] Brisson and [CL-3] Ch'anya joined Liberty Task Force
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[H.F.] John Koenig   Welcome.
[CL-4] Flash525   created a new thread @Flash525 Builds in the Liberty Ship Yards (Ship Builds) forum
[CL-7] ZombieThe final mission in the Delta Episode chain is called Takedown and it can be impossible to complete if not for some key steps. To avoid complaints about spoilers I'm warning you that the Holodeck Training post will give you the key information needed to give you a chance to complete the mission. I am providing VERY little information at this time.

I am not providing any story information to minimize the spoilers. The only thing in this post is one key sequence that if not performed properly will make the mission impossible to finish. If you wish to figure it out on your own, as I did, I commend you. If you have tried this and got frustrated or simply want to finish it and do not care about spoilers then jump into the post and read away.

Offended by even the most basic spoilers? Read the post at your own risk. :sick:

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[CL-7] ZombieI knew it as soon as I said it. My comment about how impressed I was at the lack of issues during this update. Not a single disconnect, no lag, only one bugged mission... I had to go and open my big mouth.
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[CL-7] GeorgeDp D.C.  :sick: :sick: so now we know whose fault it is.... Get him guys!
:sick: :sick:
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[link] Executive Director of Star Trek Online posts about the recent XP debacle:
Think I figured everything out. We're actually playing the mirror universe version of STO. Brilliant!
next time respect the speed limits... :sick: :sick:
Wait I was banned from playing some levels coz I aggressively grinded?? But but........
The final explenation for those that lost Specialization Points: [link] thankfully, it seems I was not one who was "excessively" abusing it.
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