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STO News Feed
General: The Na’kuhl items are now back in the Lobi store.   Known Issues: The Assignments to recruit Romulan Bridge officers do not appear Selecting “Ready Starship” in the ship selector is not moving slotted items over to the...
Published Jun 30, 2016
It was summer. My mom and her friend were having boring conversations. My little brother and a somewhat bratty neighborhood boy were out playing in the yard, and I’d had enough of them. So I did what any kid would do—I went into the fron...
Published Jun 29, 2016
Upon its release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Star Trek Online will have the benefit of six additional years of development (from its PC counterpart) to provide extra content above and beyond what a player might expect for the launch o...
Published Jun 29, 2016
The 31st century T6 Temporal ships design language came straight from the Wells Time Ship featured in Star Trek: Voyager episode 24, season 5 and is also featured in Star Trek Online. Even though the Wells is a 29th century ship we felt ...
Published Jun 29, 2016
The fight for the future – and the past – is heating up! Prepare to boldly go when no-one has gone before! Federation agents from the 31st century are conducting covert operations to find new recruits. They’ve gone back to the 23rd cent...
Published Jun 29, 2016
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Liberty Task Force (Fed)
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     Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard is more than just a Star Trek Online Gaming fleet; we are an online community of friends. We are an active and friendly fleet that cares about all its members and lives up to its principles. We believe that every member of our fleet has a voice, and that all opinions deserve to be heard. At Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard, you have a voice. We stand behind our motto of "Liberty, Equality, Justice, Peace, and Cooperation" but above all we value respect. Our goal as a fleet is not to be the largest or even the best, but more importantly to be the most respected in Star Trek Online; for at the end of the day, respect is what you take with you.

     To learn more about our mission and who we are as a fleet, please visit our About Us and F.A.Q. page and also check out our Fed Progression and KDF Progression page to learn more on the progress of our Starbase, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire, and Research Lab. Again, welcome and make yourself at home, visit our forums and galleries and get to know us better. Should you like what you see, you may register to join on our Recruitment page. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and even more that you decide to join our fleet. From all of us here at Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard we thank you for visiting; take care, and see you in space!

~Liberty Task Force/Liberty Honor Guard Fleets~
Liberty Task Force Activity Wall
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  created a new thread The exchange in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
Reminder of event Feature episode replay on 2016-06-30 09:00:00 am
[LTF] MyrddinFAR   created a new thread Question about fleet rank promotion in the Honorary Founder Request & Rank Corrections forum
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  created a new thread The goddesses summer poll (not suggested for young o... in the 10 Forward (Non-Game Related) forum
[F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C.Muwa don't feel bad when Croatia loses to Spain...please don't take it personal :d
[F.A.] Grayfox H.F.D.C.  Something went terribly terribly wrong...
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  indeed... :d
they both have difficult opponents now but I think Muwa doesnt care about national team anyway...
[AD.] muwatali H.F.  oh i dont, but....... you were saying...
[V.A.] Willides H.F.  created a new thread Official Summertime Thread in the 10 Forward (Non-Game Related) forum
[LTF] Tybireus   created a new thread Item transfer in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[LTF] lomax6996   created a new thread Tour the Galaxy in the Starfleet Command (General) forum
[V.A.] techiejoe74 H.F.Star Trek Bridge VR anyone?
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trailer - VR Game Reveal with Star Tr...
Watch as Star Trek alums Levar Burton, Jeri Ryan, and Karl U...
Liked this
[V.A.] techiejoe74 H.F.  hmm I wonder why Levar Burton was good at playing the engineer :d
[V.A.] techiejoe74 H.F.Looking Good :d
Liked this
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.  are those the game's graphics or just cinematics?
[V.A.] Drax H.F.  Difficult to say with some of the modern games, but I think these were mostly gameplay graphics with some cinematics (that will probably be part of in-game cutscenes) in between
[V.A.] techiejoe74 H.F.  The frostbite engine is very powerful, so it wouldn't surprise me that most of it will be ingame not just the cutscenes
[SAC] zio   registered to Liberty Task Force
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[LTF] John Koenig H.F.  Welcome.
[V.A.] GeorgeDp H.F.D.C.Euro mode: ON
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[AD.] muwatali H.F.  Same.....
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Added more. Hopefully that motivates people.
You know how many times I tried clicking on that YouTube picture?! *angry*
people still ignore it...we need more girls! :d
you wish is my command. Thread created
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